How to be an Entrepreneur-Resources to start your journey

How to be an entrepreneur

Learn how to be an entrepreneur from these resources. In 2020, Knowledge or information is available for free on the Internet. It’s up to you how you utilize the resources effectively. For 1st Generation entrepreneurs, Initially finds it difficult to learn or build a business without the right information available. So its the option to learn from the greatest minds out there who have achieved or in the process of becoming successful in their life.

Let me clarify to you that just learning or gaining information leads you you need to take action and start executing your idea. Make your plan on paper and just start working. That’s it. Don’t watch videos all the time, watch in your free time, or if you feel low in life.

Learning from these resources will definitely give you a clear idea and change in mindset or say gives a broader perspective.

So Let’s dive in,

1- Learning from Google & Youtube-Best Teacher

Everyone uses Google and youtube in their daily life. some use them for entertainment and some use them for their work to learn new skills or to build businesses.

For 1st generation entrepreneurs or for any founders, Like Kunal Shah, Founder of CRED has built a business of cred using the internet. (Kunal shah is some different personality who gives insight about business, human behavior).

You can learn new skills on youtube like social media marketing or any finance skills which are freely available on the internet, you just desire to learn new things. Always remember self-education is over formal education. So use the internet as much as possible to learn and apply that in your business.

2- Watch Interviews of Yourstory with Shraddha Sharma

Yourstory Media is an excellent platform for entrepreneurs to learn and gain a different perspective from successful entrepreneurs. Shraddha Sharma takes interviews of entrepreneurs who have achieved or built something big in their life or people who are building new startups.

Watching these videos will shape your mind and give you insights into how successful entrepreneurs think while building business. You can opt for their courses too of how to be an entrepreneur in detail.

Remember to take note of their failures not only success, those lessons will help you to overcome them when you face it while building your startups.

3- Watch “The Ranveer show” Podcast

According to me, Ranveer Allahbadia & Viraj sheth is the best example today in the media industry who are achieving great success and building big business by working hard. Ranveer started with youtube and by side hustle, they managed YouTubers and brands and built Monk Entertainment.

The Ranveer show started with inspiration from “The Joe Rogan show”. The latest video of Ranveer with Nithin Kamath, Founder of Zerodha which is very insightful and watching his videos will definitely help you in your journey to build a business.

This man keeps talking about spirituality and meditation which is the base of Ranveer in whatever he is achieving in his life. So just start consuming his content and his videos will definitely help you to grow both financially and spiritually.

4- Read blogs on the Internet

If you like reading an article or blog over videos then it’s the best thing you can do and learn new things in your free time. I can suggest you read an article on which also provides information about startups and entrepreneurship & also how to be an entrepreneur step by step guide.

Remember these things will help you when you are executing and applying it to work. Reading articles can be a great habit if you keep constantly learning and applying them into your daily life

I would suggest you read How to start a startup. if you seriously want to build your startups and are unaware of steps to follow to build a successful business.

5- Start Reading Books

The habit of reading is very important to have in order to build something big. Books are very essential to read because it gives you ideas about decades of experience and lessons learned from successful entrepreneurs.

Reading books can change your perspective by 360° so keep reading books to learn new things. I suggest you start with the “Zero to One” book by Peter Thiel. This book will help and guide you through each step required to build a billion-dollar startup.

If you want to know more books Read this- The Best book for entrepreneurs

IMP NOTE– Remember to execute and take action whatever you are planning to build. Most people just talk about building business and never build but be Doer and just start building.

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