How to start social media marketing agency in 2020

How to start social media marketing agency
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Looking to start your own marketing agency? In 2020 everyone is looking to start their own social media marketing agency and provide its services. But don’t worry about saturation in the market, In the Media Industry, everyone can earn because there is so much potential in this and more yet to come in the future by 2022-23.

Now obviously to start your own agency you need to have those skills which are required to start and provide services to your clients or say businesses.

Let’s begin the steps you need to follow-

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Register a Proprietorship firm or PVT ltd company

Registering a company can be a bit difficult to start initially but you can simply learn it on youtube and start the process of registration with required documents. Or Another option is to take the help of a CA who will charge some amount and do it for you.

Initially, if you want to start it quickly, register a sole proprietorship firm which is easy to start unlike forming a Pvt ltd company(which will take time as its lengthy process) and also get Your GST number simultaneously as it will take time( Up to 1 Week)

Register your GST here- GST Registration

Social media marketing services include:

So to start you must have or learn these skills which you will provide to your clients like-

Paid promotion ( Using Facebook Ads, Google ads )

Organic Traffic (Using SEO)

Web Development ( Website Designing )

Influencer marketing ( Connecting brands with influencer)

Email Marketing

Graphic Designing

Video Editing and many more.

You can do all of these and start working on projects by providing services to your clients but there is also an option of creating only like Single Micro Niche Category – Influencer marketing agency or Only SEO company which is very fruitful to start with and there are already digital marketing agency existing and running successfully.

Facebook ads & Google Ads

To learn this don’t buy any course online or waste any single penny on this type of course simply learn to start learning from this youtube channel of Ritoban- Flying Start Online

Once you learn this start onboarding clients for doing paid advertisement generally for sales of their product or simply generating leads for them-For Gaining expertise Initially starting small with generating leads for Gym, Salon, or Tattoo Shop or Hotels and restaurants on which they will give decent amounts for your services.

Once you gain expertise in this go and pitch medium size companies or brands who want to advertise. ( Remember to make your presentations before pitching to clients)

Similarly, you can learn Google ads and onboarding clients for it because everyone wants to run their ads on google and youtube which will cost them lower than Facebook. ( As you can decide CPC) but on Facebook, you can’t.

Website Designing ( Using WordPress )

Today most websites are built on a cms platform like WordPress which makes it very easy for everyone to make their own website easily. So to learn WordPress start with this youtube channel playlist which will definitely help you learn from the basics.

Start onboarding small brands or local shops to build their website and tell them the importance of having a website that will help you to convert the clients.

Make your own packages that how you are going to charge your clients and present them.

About Graphic Designing

Hearing graphic designing sounds hard but it is easy if you learn adobe photoshop or illustrator.

But for beginners, you can start with and start making banners or posts for your clients.

Clients or say brands pay for this just to make banners and to handle their social media accounts and post it on them.

About Influencer Marketing

There are many influencer marketing companies that are very successful.

Just connecting brands with influencers like Youtube Influencer or any Famous blogger. Just Approaching brands or sometimes they approach connecting them with influencers and have your commissions.

Similarly, you can learn all of the skills mentioned above and onboarding clients for your business.

Influencer Marketing


Make your own website so as to build your web presence and it will create your business credibility.

Also, Remember,

  • Start cold calling or sending cold emails to clients you need to onboard
  • Prepare a pitch so that it’s easy while talking to clients.
  • Start Calling at 10 am in the morning and try to make as much as possible.
  • Make your brochure ready so that you can send it to clients.
  • If a client says “he will get back to you”, Follow up with him after 3-4 Days.
  • If Call is successful then schedule a meeting with them.
  • Get ready with your presentations so you can easily convince him.
  • Build your own social media marketing strategy.

If Onboarding clients is successful, Then rest is the effort you need to put to give the best services possible and satisfy your clients. This will ultimately build a long term relationship between your company and your clients.

If you want to know more about starting a company read this- Step by step guide to starting your startup.

Keep making calls to grow your business and also use Linkedin to get clients. Which is a very trusted platform to get trusted clients.

If you find this article helpful do comment down or share this with someone who might need this.


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