How to sell on amazon with step by step guide in 2020

How to sell on amazon

Are you looking to become an amazon seller? Don’t worry it’s easy if you follow these steps and start implementing the process and run your own business successfully. There are many online marketplaces like to sell on amazon Flipkart, Myntra, Snapdeal, Shopclues, and many more.

But I will guide you through each step required to learn and start to sell on Amazon.

The very first question will be,

  • Which products to sell on amazon?
  • How to source the product?
  • What is the process to register?
  • How much capital is required initially?

Each and everything will get cover in this article so that you don’t have to go anywhere. Just follow these guidelines for starting your journey. So let’s begin.

Register yourself to sell on amazon

So registering on amazon will not much time and it’s very easy,

Step 1– Go to Sell on Amazon | Benefits of Selling Online with Amazon

Step 2– Click on “start selling” and Create an Account

Step 3– Register your “business name” and select the product category which you want to start selling on it.

Step 4– Complete all process and fill bank details and for GST select “I will add it later” and apply for GST certificate as soon as possible ( It can up to 2 weeks to get the GST number )

Step 5-GST can be applied on the government portal, GST Portal and register as a normal taxpayer with your pan card and other details which you will get to know on the portal. Keep all required documents which are Pancard, Bank details, Light Bill, and address proof whichever you have. (If you get stuck in between try to contact the GST help desk number)

Sell on amazon

What products to sell on amazon and how to source?

There are many products on amazon which are listed and high in demand and making a huge amount of money to sellers. Various categories you can start with are:

  • Home & Kitchen
  • Apparel
  • Books
  • Electronics
  • Beauty products
  • Toys & Many more.

But jumping into a category without doing proper product research can make your process long and you will not get succeed.

So I Would Suggest you go with Home & Kitchen Category in which you can sell easily private label products ( Setting up your own brand and sell it).

In-Home & Kitchen Category, There are many subcategories and also a large number of products.

To get the products there are many options like,

  • Nearest Wholesale Market
  • Directly go to Manufacturer (Which will increase your margin )
  • Building Private label brand (Recommended)

To start with private label products you need to take GTIN Exemption for that particular category and register a trademark of your logo and print sticker of your logo to put on your products.

This is a very scalable model and can be benefited in the long term and also able to build your own brand.

IMP TIP- Test 4-5 products simultaneously & Check the demand for individual products, Trying out products will give that one winning product which makes your business successful.

Or you can use the Jungle Scout: Amazon Product Finder & Research Tool – FBA Seller Software tool to find high demand products in that category.


How to ship your products to customer and requirement of materials

Shipping your products can be done either through,

  • Easy Ship ( Amazon pickup boy will deliver your product to customer)
  • Self Ship (You need to get third party courier service to deliver products)
  • FBA ( In this you need to send the products directly to amazon warehouse & they will pick and pack & Also deliver your product to the customer)

You can go with anyone of the above or all three of them. But I would suggest you start with Easy ship if you get much order per day you can go with the self-ship option(Use Shiprocket for delivery of products).

Use this link to get started –Shiprocket (I Personally Recommend this with 4+ years of experience )

These are the basic thing you need to start,

  • Printer(Try Multifunction Laserjet Printer)
  • Amazon Brand tape ( Order it from Amazon itself)
  • Packing Material (Order it from amazon )

For FBA, You need Corrugated Boxes, One Rubber Stamp of your company, Stock Transfer Notes Document (Template you can download from seller central account).

There will be many problems in this phase but you need to take the help of amazon seller support and they will guide you through each and every process you get stuck in. ( I personally recommend this for each and every doubt you can call them)

IMP TIP- Initially try to take printouts of invoice form your local store but if you start getting more than 20 orders per day then buy a printer that will reduce the cost of printing.

The tool you can use to start your journey

  • For Keyword Research to put in your listing – Use Amazon keyword tool (Chrome Extension)
  • To get the price fluctuation of every product.-Use Keepa Tool (Chrome Extension)

Start with Product Listing

Product listing is very easy, so if you want to add a product that is already selling then you can do mapping under someone’s products.

But if you are starting your own private label brand or Generic Products (No Brand). Create your own new listing which you can learn from seller university under the performance tab in the amazon seller central account.

While listing the product you will need UPC Codes and you can buy from any website(Just Search UPC Code on google)

But if you take GTIN Exemption there is no need to put the code and you can continue listing.

Legal Compliances

Beginner face GST return filling problem you can learn from youtube. As there are lots of tutorials on how to file GST Return.

  • File GSTR 3B before 20th of every month
  • And File GSTR 1 before 30th of the quarter month

You can also take help from CA but instead of giving them money try to learn this on youtube. Start return filing on your own and these will help you reduce your expenses.

I hope this article will help you start your journey and if you want any topic to cover then comment below.

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