Best Small Business Ideas from Home to Start Now in 2020

small business ideas from home
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Ready to know small business ideas from home? In Lockdown due to the loss of a job or any other issue, everyone is facing a monetary crisis. But let me know your ideas so you can make money online at home either by your product or by services.

There are many videos out there on the Internet & Youtube suggesting business ideas with or without doing it personally or without even trying those things.

In this article, I will give you the 5 best ways you can start your business or side hustle from home without any investment or very low investment possible. Don’t forget to read 4th Point it’s my favorite in lockdown.

1. Providing Social Media Marketing Services & Turning into the company.

In Past few years social media has hit the market. Everyone is learning these must-have skills of marketing like doing Facebook Ads, Google Ads & Also SEO and doing freelancing from home and working for clients & Earning a Good amount of money at home itself.

The First Step is to learn about these skills on Youtube and Reading Blogs for free, Instead of Buying any stupid course from someone on youtube.

It will hardly take 1 week to learn Facebook & Google Ads from youtube. Then You can start cold calling or Sending Cold Emails to small businesses who want to build their social media presence or want to increase their customer base using social media.

I Guarantee you learn & Apply these skills will definitely yield a good amount of money. Once you have a client base form a company either Proprietorship Firm or Pvt Ltd Company or Partnership Firm.

But remember you need to start from home & Slowly you will increase your client base and can charge more than that by forming a client. This is one of the best Small Business Ideas from home to start in 2020.

Learn how to start your own social media marketing agency in detail with step by step guide.

2. Start teaching on Unacademy and Youtube.

Due to Lockdown, everyone is stuck at home or someone has lost their job and is having financial problems. This is the right time to start teaching online to many students out there on youtube & Unacademy which are the most popular and recommended app to start your teaching career.

If you have specific exam knowledge like GATE, IES, or any UPSC exam you should try Unacademy & for any skills you have in general related to education start teaching on youtube.

Are you aware of the Prepladder Youtube channel? Recently Unacademy has acquired this channel in Rs 350 Crore which is a huge amount of 100K Channel but it has acquired due to its Quality Content & All the people who are teaching all are doctors by Profession.

So start your career in teaching & once you get famous you can start up on your own online classes or any offline classes out. This small business idea from home which will eventually grow into big business.

3. Content writing & Forming a company out of it.

Today Content writers are in high demand because there is everywhere content required for businesses. Every business is trying to grow and make the presence of their business on social media in this huge competition.

In Business, everyone knows content is the most important thing to attract new customers or to promote their business online on social media. You can start writing content for small businesses out there.

To get Clients you need to start cold calling them. Initially, you will get many rejections but after some trial, you will start getting clients easily.

I would suggest you start with Linkedin & Searching “Local Businesses” on google and start your freelancing projects.

Learn How to start a company in detail with step by step guide.

4. Learning Share Market & Become Consultant.

In Lockdown everyone starts learning to share Market on Youtube. The Best Option is to Start Investing in the Share Market is Using Upstox or Zerodha Platform. Don’t go with an old brokerage firm, Start using Upstox ( Which I am personally using for trading as well as investing).

Before Investing remember to learn the basics of Share Market & Understanding Fundamental & Technical Analysis of the Companies. I would suggest you to start learning basics from Zerodha Varsity( It has covered each & everything).

Trust me learning about stocks will be a great skill in the future and you will learn deeply how to invest and all about the company management, Shareholding, All the statements like Balance Sheet, P&L Statement, and also the Cash Flow statement of every company.

I would suggest you start with this. Register at Upstox and start investing. Also, use MoneyControl App or website to get in detail the analysis of companies.

Once you learn & If in future if get an expert in this or get a clear idea you can start your own brokerage firm or become Advisor.

5. Providing Graphic Designing Services & Form Your Company.

Today graphic designing is very important in business. Learning this Graphic Designing skills will be a gem to you. Today every business requires a graphic designer who can design the post or logo for them.

So learning this skill can take some time but it’s worth it. So let me tell everyone is using Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator for graphic designing.

But for a beginner, I would suggest you to start with Canva to do basic Graphic Designing.

There are many graphic designing companies out there who are just dealing with designing for businesses and Many Youtube Channels.

Once you learn enough about this & work for several clients then you can a company (Pvt Ltd) And start onboarding big business and Social Media Influencers or Famous Youtubers.

These are things I would suggest you start in the lockdown period which will get big in the future and you will definitely thank me for this(Just Joking).

Golden Tip-

Remember Execution & Patience is the key. Don’t delay just start working towards your goal & You will achieve what you want. Be a doer, not a thinker.

These are the Small Business Ideas from home which I have personally done and sharing with you to help you grow in this situation.

If you like this article or find this helpful do comment down or share this article who is eager to grow in his career.

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