What is the best book for entrepreneurs?-6 Must Read Books

Do you believe reading books can change your perspective by 360°?
Books are essential to read to get a New Idea & New Perspective on how a successful Entrepreneur thinks. It gives you an idea of decades of experience of a successful entrepreneur.
It helps you irrespective of whatever business you’re in now. Let’s discuss the best Books for an entrepreneur to read and why?

1-Zero to One

It’s a perfect Book for entrepreneurs for those who want to do a startup. It gives you step by step process of running an early-stage startup by Peter Thiel, Founder of Paypal. It Talks about Monopoly vs Competitive Market and all essentials of a startup in and out ( About Founding Team, Raising Investment, About board of directors, Research ).
Monopoly Like Google.com, Facebook.com, Amazon.com

If you are looking to start a startup Read this How to start a startup?

2. The Lean Startup

Read this summary about the book
During a startup, people usually think of an idea, To convert that idea, in reality, they work hard in all aspects, And invest money, time, and energy in making an efficient product. Always remember, before making of any product question should be, Whether you should make such product or not;
Most of the people fail because they work on Conventional management technique – Doing a Market research, making a good strategy, and deliver a great product, it is not possible for a startup to assume their market,
Before launching its product, A startup cannot assume the success of its product, unless it is used by its customer. These are all reason for startup failures, But the good part is, this failure can be avoided, Lean Startup Methodology gives a solution to all these problems.

3. Think and Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill Was a Journalist and a writer who fortunately got a chance to interview a conclusion that came as the principles of Becoming Successful is Universal, which means equal and the same for every individual. So instead of people utilizing their time to learn that Principle, it will be better if they learn from us. So Carnegie said, I want you to prepare a philosophy and a book in which some of the world’s most successful people’s wisdom and knowledge will be there, Which can help others to become successful in less time.
There are 4 Points listed below


4.Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, you have to learn from Elon Musk. He’s one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time. So when after he made around $250 million from the acquisition of PayPal he started investigating he started building a rocket company and his friends thought he was crazy they really thought he was crazy to just throw away hard-earned money into something crazy like a rocket company doing a private enterprise doing Rockets or trying to launch rockets.
Companies Elon musk own

1.Tesla Motors
4.The Boring Company and many more

5.The $100 Startup

Then this video and this video will be very beneficial and useful for you
1) You want to start your own business or want to learn some useful and important things related to business.
2) You don’t have much money for investment
3)You want to do what you love, you want to be happy and want freedom.
4) And if you want your yearly net income more than 30 lakhs.
5) If you are alone in your team how to start
6) And if you have no special skills
This book author has taken an interview of 1500 micro businesses Entrepreneur and has done a survey and written this book.

6.The 4-Hour Workweek

In this book, the author asks us to give more attention to these Points,
Elimination, If you want to get the best results out of your work at the lesser time, Then you must know, what all selective work you must do,
and most importantly you should know what work you are not supposed to do, To understand this properly, the 80/20 principle is explained here
The maximum results which you get are from the less work and In fact, you will get 80% of your results from your 20% work So you must be aware, what that 20% of work is so you can focus on 20% work and than you can eliminate the Remaining 80% work.

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