Top 5 categories what sells best on amazon in 2020

What to sell on Amazon is the biggest question. People generally face problems in doing product research. So basically there are two options to find what sells best on amazon.

1) Buy paid tools like jungle scout or helium 10

2) Free product research on amazon itself.

We will be discussing both pros and cons and we will help you guide which category you should deal with to get maximum profit out of it and run a successful E-commerce business.

So let’s first discuss the top-selling category on amazon to get maximum profit.

1-Home & Kitchen

This category is best if you are starting with because there is very less brand domination. So simply you can create a private label brand in this category. People are making huge amounts of money in home improvement or kitchenware products with their own brand name. Generally, Competition gets reduced due to private label products.

home appliances

home appliances



Books are also the popular category to sell on amazon. People will never stop reading so to get started with you can visit amazon’s bestseller list and start figuring out what sells best on amazon.

For India-

amazon books

For the USA –

amazon books

3-Clothing & Accessories

The clothing category is no doubt the most visited and popular category on Amazon to sell.

There are many products like dresses, Leggings, sportswear or lingerie and many more you can start with. But Remember do not sell branded clothes as there will be a very low margin. The best practice is to build your own private label brand and stand out from the rest of your competitors

These are some examples of products

amazon online shopping clothes

Check out this link to explore trending products –


4-Toys and Games

This category for sure you can make high profits by selling toys and games. The reason is most toys are non-branded so you can start selling it on amazon by your own brand name. This category has high demand because of small children of age group between 1- 8 years or up to 10 years.

amazon toys for boys


5-Beauty Products and accessories

Women are impulsive buyers so this category can give you huge profit as it has huge demand. There are many products like Makeup products, Haircare, Skincare, and other accessories you can start selling.

I Would suggest instead of selling branded products which will reduce your margin. Start selling with accessories that are in high demand.

amazon beauty products

These are the best categories you can start selling on amazon. These are categories that will definitely yield you a high-profit margin.

How to choose products to sell on amazon

Method 1

Use Amazon Search Bar to get trending products or get to know what people are searching for on Amazon.

Amazon Search Bar uses A9 Algorithm similar to google how they have their algorithm to rank pages. A9 Algorithm is used to rank the products based on how much a particular product has been searched on the Search Bar.

Make the most use out of it.

Learn how to sell on amazon with step by step guide

Method 2

You can visit Amazon Best Seller lists and get to know a clear idea of what products are trending and what exactly people are buying from amazon this is the ultimate method to know what sells best on amazon.

And also use Jungle Scout sales estimator

You can check like this –

Method 3

The easiest way to do product research to sell is to buy a tool like or helium 10 tools, Which will clearly give you detailed insights required and you can decide easily what products to sell which will save your time.

But for beginners, those who are new use the above two methods to find products once your business starts growing and invest in one of these tools which will save your time and energy of doing product research.

Important tipInitially test 4-5 products simultaneously and from that, you will get a winning product that will get huge sales and will make profits. Buy the winning products in bulk and start selling on amazon. The easiest way to automate your business is to do amazon FBA over the easy ship.

Till now If you found this article helpful, do comment down below your thoughts or any doubt you have.


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